DMC Marine is a proud Basta Boatlifts Dealer in the Flathead Lake, MT area. Basta’s engineers never miss a detail, and it allows their quality to shine above the rest. You will never find a smoother or more reliable boat lift!


As the originators of the hydraulic over-center technology, Basta knows how to build one strong and smooth lift. Not only are our aluminum lifts incredibly durable, but their low profile and modern design are a beautiful compliment any waterfront setting.

An aluminum hydraulic boat lift is ideal for:

  • Shallow water shorelines
  • Lakes with frequent water level fluctuations
  • Easy seasonal removal


Basta Boatlifts is the only manufacturer of galvanized steel hydraulic over-center boat lifts, period! These lifts are known for being sturdy, reliable, and will maintain their structural integrity over time.

A galvanized steel hydraulic boat lift is ideal for:

  • Rough water locations, or areas with seasonal storms
  • Deep water installations
  • Heavy wake boats, cruisers, and yachts

Why Basta Boatlifts?


No existing structure needed for installation, powered by a solar panel and single battery.

Choice of Materials

Basta is the only boat lift manufacturer to build out of aluminum OR galvanized steel.

Best Parts

EVERY part used on a Basta will be the HIGHEST quality part available, every time.

Thick Rubber Bunks

Basta’s SuperCush rubber bunks are the thickest offering your hull maximum support.

Delrin Bushings

Bushings are used at EVERY pivot point, eliminating metal-on-metal wear and tear.

Accessory Options

Outfit your boat lift bow to stern with accessories to make docking a breeze!

Pictured: A 10,000 LB capacity Basta boat lift on Flathead Lake.